Which states require stamp duty on trust deeds?


Stamp duty is a tax imposed by certain states on documents or transactions that affect or record:
  • the transfer of the ownership of assets (eg land, cars), or
  • the creation of rights in respect of assets (eg certain leases and the creation of a trust).

With the authority from the State Revenue Office of Victoria to stamp deeds in-house, Castle provides a complimentary stamping service. The service is free for deeds provided by us.  Read more.

Interstate deeds incur a handling fee to cover our costs in sending the deeds interstate and arranging for their return by courier. The cost is $55 for New South Wales, and $77 for the Northern Territory.


Each state handles stamp duty differently. See the table below for details.

Discretionary & Unit Trusts  Duty payable on original   
Super Funds
Must Be Stamped Within
New South Wales $500

($10 per counterpart)  

No 90 days from date of deed
Northern Territory $20

($5 per counterpart)

$20 60 days from date of deed
Queensland No No
South Australia No No
Tasmania No No _
Victoria $200

($0 per counterpart)

No 30 days from date of deed
Western Australia No No



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