Making Improvements at Castle to Serve you Better

Coming soon – A simpler product range, better priced. 

You may have heard us mention before that we’re focusing on improving the way we serve you. Well, we’re pleased to say that we will be rolling out some changes over the coming months and into 2014 that aim to deliver to you a simpler product range at a lower price with faster turnaround.

On Monday 2 December, we’re excited to announce that we will be:

  • simplifying our product packages
  • making changes to our payment terms, and
  • reducing many of our package fees – something you don’t hear very often these days!

Over the coming weeks, we will provide further details about each of the changes.

But first up we wanted to draw your attention to changes to our payment terms.

Changes to our payment terms and what it means for you

As of Monday 2 December, our payment terms will be changing. We will be reducing from three payment options down to two:

  • standard price if you either:
    • pay at the time of order, or
    • authorise us to deduct payment 14 days following your order from a credit card authorisation that we securely keep on file
  • pay within 30 days for an additional $66 per product ordered

How can you lock in the lower price, but still pay in 14 days?

Importantly, if you would like to lock in the lower standard price, but do not wish to pay at the time of order, you will need to fill in our Enduring Credit Card Authorisation form.

Submitting this form means that Castle will securely store your credit card authorisation on file and will withdraw payment from your card according to the option that you choose on the form.

When filling in the Enduring Credit Card Authorisation form, you’ll see that there are two options under Authorisation:

  • I want to always pay my order immediately. If you choose this option, payment will be automatically taken from your credit card as soon as your order is completed. If you have ordered a print package, you will receive a receipt of payment with your invoice.
  • I want to always pay my order 14 days following the invoice date. If you choose this option, your invoice will be marked as ‘Not paid’ and payment will be automatically taken from your credit card 14 days after the date on the invoice. The receipt for payment will not be sent to you but the payment will appear on your statement.

Please note that while we welcome you to send in the authorisation form at any time over the next five weeks and beyond, the payment option that you choose will not be effective until 2 December 2013.

If you would like to submit an Enduring Credit Card Authorisation but don’t feel comfortable emailing it, please give us a call on 03 9898 6666 and we will arrange for a courier pick up.

What if you don’t want to keep your credit card on file with Castle?

That is not a problem. If you don’t submit an Enduring Credit Card Authorisation Form, you will still have two options:

  • pay the standard price at the time of order (via credit card, bank deposit or cheque), or
  • pay within 30 days at the higher fee.

More to come!

We will have more information on our other improvements in the coming weeks. But if you have any questions or need help in the meantime, we’ll be happy to assist you. Call us on 03 9898 6666 or send us an email.