Full and Proper Names on Companies and Trust Deeds

Banks are becoming very particular about identifying their clients with an extreme emphasis on details, and refusing to open a new account unless the full and proper name of directors and shareholders are used in company and trust documentation.  We … Continued

Choice of Settlor and Consequences

Background   As with so many other aspects of conducting business, we are increasingly having to observe international practices and standards.   One such development is The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), a US Act aimed at improving compliance … Continued

July 2021 Lockdown

Our office will be closed from today until the end of this latest lockdown, but the entire team will be working from home.  Other than supplying you with printed documents, we can provide you with all our normal services and products.  … Continued

SMSFs to have up to 6 members

The long-touted Bill to increase the maximum number of members of a self-managed superannuation fund finally received royal assent on 22nd June. Effective as from 1st July, 2021, self-managed superannuation funds may now have up to 6 members.   What … Continued

New Prices for 2021/2022

As you may know, ASIC is entitled to increase its fees each year in line with CPI and the cost of doing business with ASIC was published recently.  The principal ASIC fees which are of interest to you appear at … Continued