Castle Corporate offers high quality, expert trust formation. The advantages of ordering with Castle Corporate include:

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 We offer the following types of trusts:

Discretionary Trusts

A discretionary trust (often referred to as a family trust) is one of the most common types of trusts in Australia. It provides considerable protection over its assets together with flexibility in sharing the tax burden amongst beneficiaries.


Unit Trusts

A unit trust is similar to a company, in that the unit holders (like shareholders) have a fixed interest in the capital and income of the trust. Just as shares are issued to shareholders in exchange for an appropriate sum of money, units are issued to unit holders.


Farm & Young Farmer Discretionary Trusts

A Farm Discretionary Trust is used where a family wishes to acquire land for primary production and to pass that land to other family members. A farm discretionary trust is usually set up for farm succession planning within a family.


Class Discretionary Trusts

A Class Discretionary Trust is best suited where a shorter term project is to be undertaken between people who have a stable and harmonious relationship.


Class Unit Trusts

A class unit trust is used when the rights between the unit holders are required to be different. The rights of a unit holder are primarily the right to vote, to receive income, to have their capital returned and/or to participate in the capital growth of the trust.


Hybrid Unit Trusts

A hybrid unit trust is used when the persons to benefit from the trust include unitholders and/or legal entities which do not hold units (the beneficiaries).


Bare Trusts

Most limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) by self-managed super fundsare established using a bare trust. Due to the complex nature of bare trusts, they are handled by our legal team at Docscentre Legal.

Make a Change to an Existing Trust

There are many changes which may be required during the life of a trust, including making changes to the parties of the trust, the trust deed and winding up the trust.