With over 30 years’ experience, Castle Corporate offers high quality, expert company registration. The advantages of ordering with Castle Corporate include:

  • Easy online ordering
  • Fast turnaround of documents to your inbox and your office (if you choose a print package)
  • Immediate access to the status of all of your orders via your online member area
  • High quality documents that are guaranteed by our in-house legal team, Docscentre Legal
  • Expert help when you need it

We offer the following types of companies:

Proprietary Company

A proprietary company is the most popular type of company. It is generally the most appropriate company structure for many small businesses.


Super Fund Trustee Company

A super fund trustee company is a type of proprietary company that is permitted to only act as trustee of a self-managed superannuation fund and is not permitted to trade in any form.


Professional Practice Company

A professional practice company is a type of proprietary company that requires a special constitution for a professional industry. We can provide a range of professional practice companies, including ones for architects, CPAs, chartered accountants, LIV members and many others.

Public Company Limited by Shares

A public company limited by shares has share capital, may offer its shares to the general public and can be (but usually isn’t) listed on the stock exchange.


Public Company Limited by Guarantee

A public company limited by guarantee is often used for not-for-profit organisations (such as sporting clubs or charities). It does not have share capital and must not distribute income to its members.


No Liability Company

A no liability company is a public company limited by shares. It can only be used where the principal activity of the company is that of mining or oil exploration. These types of companies are rarely used.

Shelf Company

A shelf company used to be a very popular way to acquire a company, but as a new company can now be set up in very little time, shelf companies have become less popular. If you are interested in one, Castle is one of the few businesses that still carries a stock of shelf companies.

Company Name Reservations

Reserving a company name allows you to put a desired company name on hold so it cannot be registered by anyone else while you take the time to obtain the necessary information to proceed with your company’s registration.

Make a change to a Company

We are one of the few Australian company formation firms with true corporate secretarial expertise. We can assist you with a wide range of changes to your company.