Make a Change to an Existing Trust

Why might a change be needed?

There are many changes which may be required during the life of a trust. These include:

Changes to the parties

  • changing the trustee
  • changing the unit holders (of a unit trust) or members (of an SMSF)
  • changing the appointor
  • introducing an appointor succession plan

Changes to the trust deed

  • including additional provisions in the trust deed
  • removing certain provisions from the trust deed
  • changing the name of the trust
  • changing the vesting date

Winding up the trust

  • bringing the trust to an end

Most of the above services are carried out by Docscentre Legal to ensure the changes are carried out in a legally effective manner. Mostly, it is not sufficient for the trustee to simply pass a resolution in order to give proper legal effect to these changes.

You can find out more about Docscentre Legal here, or you can give them a call on 1800 799 666.

In addition, our Castle team have written many articles on the topic of trust deeds. You can find links to a couple of these useful articles below:

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