10% off – Changes to Super Funds

From today, we are pleased to announce that we are offering a 10% discount on fees for making multiple changes to a super fund. These changes include:

  • deed updates
  • change of trustee
  • adding/removing members.10off-e1368987453161

Standard fees for changes to super funds

As a reminder, our ‘standard’ fees for changes to a super fund are as follows:

  • deed update – $275
  • change of trustee – $275
  • add a member – $66 and $11 for each additional member added
  • remove a member – $44 and $11 for each additional member removed.

Note that we have decreased the cost of removing a member from $66 to $44.

New discounted fees for multiple changes to the same super fund

Our new discount of 10% applies to the total cost of all changes requested for one super fund. Please note that these changes must be submitted to Castle Legal at the same time.

To illustrate the new discount, we have outlined some of the more common combination of fees in the table below.

Requested changes
Total fee before discount
New total discounted fee
Deed update ($275) + change of trustee ($275) $550 $495.00
Deed update ($275) + remove one member (corp trustee) ($44) $319 $287.10
Change of trustee ($275) + add two members (ind trustees) ($66 + $11) $352 $316.80
Change of trustee ($275) + remove one member (ind trustees) ($44) $319 $287.10
Deed update ($275) + change of trustee ($275) + remove a member ($44) $594 $534.60


If you would like to be quoted on a particular combination of fees, please give us a call on 03 9899 9300 and we’ll be happy to help.