Proceed with caution when removing a beneficiary

If a client has had a falling out with a child, spouse or relative and wishes to exclude that person as a beneficiary of an existing discretionary trust, the trustee’s motive may come under scrutiny, as happened in Schreuders v … Continued

Castle’s difference: Stamping of deeds included

Did you know that when you purchase a discretionary trust or unit trust from Castle, we provide a complimentary stamping service? For many years, Castle has been given authority from the State Revenue Office of Victoria to stamp deeds in-house. … Continued

Changes to Beneficiaries Still Causing Headaches

Since the advent of Tax Determination (TD) 2012/21 back in 2012, people have been able to make changes to their trust deeds without triggering a CGT resettlement, provided that the change is authorised by the trust deed variation clause. This has lead … Continued

The Need for Related Party Loan Agreements

With the advent of the PPSR regime, it is now more important than ever to ensure that related party loans are properly documented. Many people rely on simple entries in a balance sheet to evidence a related party loan. But … Continued