Common seals no longer included

As they have not been a requirement since 1998, fewer people have been ordering common seals. By not ordering a seal, your clients benefit from a lower price to form their companies, faster delivery of their orders and not having to monitor the whereabouts of the seal. For some years now we have found that bureaucratic institutions, such as banks and government bodies, no longer insist on the use of a seal.

For these reasons, our company packages will no longer include a common seal from 1 July.

To add a common seal to your order will now cost:

  • $33 with a Premium and Standard package, and
  • $44 with an Electronic package (this includes $11 for postage and handling).

This is the first time that we have raised the price of our common seal in many years, and we have done so in order to reflect the rising cost of producing the common seals.

Removing the common seal from our Premium and Standard packages means that the package prices are now reduced by $16.50 (note that we had already made this change with our Electronic packages). You will see that we have slightly decreased the price of all of our company packages even further.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 03 9898 6666 or send us an email.