Want the same company and business name?

If you want to register a new company with the same name as your business name, it is important to note that the business name must be owned by a director or shareholder of the new company.

Importantly, if the business name is owned by a trust, the business name will need to be transferred to a director or shareholder of the new company first.

This owner, whether an individual or a company, must have an ABN.

We can help you with transferring the ownership of the business name to the most appropriate party. Simply call us on 03 9898 6666.

Alternatively, you can slightly alter the company name so that it is not an exact match to the business name and your client will not need to transfer the ownership of their business name. For example, if your client holds the business name of Burwood Bakery, you might consider Burwood Bakery Co Pty Ltd as the name for the new company.