How long will it take to register my company?

At Castle Corporate, we carefully review each order. If there is a suspected issue or error in your application, we can work with you to address it before proceeding.

Assuming there are no issues with your order, you’ll usually have a PDF of your documents in your inbox within a few business hours. If you have ordered one of our printed packages, you will normally receive your professionally presented documents within one business day.

Note: There are some things that may slow down how quickly your application can be processed:

  • if your company name is (or is considered by ASIC to be) identical to a currently registered company or business name
  • if you own a business name and are registering your company with the same name
  • if your company name contains restricted words (eg. bank, royal, guarantee, etc.)
  • if your company name contains words that may be considered offensive or suggest illegal activity.

For more information about company name availability, please read ASIC’s Schedule 6 – Availability of names to ensure you are not using restricted words.