Lots of companies promise to deliver my documents to my inbox immediately. Why can’t you be that fast?

While in many industries speed is an asset, in ours, we think it can be a liability.

When placing an order, something as simple as mistyping the new company’s name can cost a client hundreds of dollars to correct with ASIC. Even worse, if your client chooses a name for their new company that is similar to another company, ASIC may approve it. But down the road, the other company with the similar name could enter into legal proceedings demanding that your client change the company name. This could cost your client thousands of dollars in legal fees, rebranding, sign writing and new advertising.

That is why we have one of our specialist team members manually review every single order. If we see something that we think could become an issue or may be an error, we’ll give you a call to discuss it and confirm how you would like to proceed.

We believe that by doing this, we add value to you and your clients. This is part of our goal to truly partner with you to get your order right, every time.

And this is why our clients tell us they keep coming back.

So while our software has the capability to immediately process your order, we insist on taking that little bit longer to have a personal look at your order and make sure it looks right to us. While this means that we don’t have your documents to you in minutes, we still get them to you in a very short amount of time.

Assuming there are no issues with your order, you’ll usually have a PDF of your documents in your inbox within a few business hours. If you’ve ordered one of our printed packages, you will normally receive your professionally presented documents within one business day.