The ‘Submit’ button on your PDF order forms aren’t working. Why?

Our editable PDFs allow you to complete and submit order forms via a simple button at the bottom of the order form, you can save and print the completed form by using the program that opened the PDF form. However, some clients have experienced some issues using the submit button. This seems to primarily be an issue for those who use Chrome as their browser.

Chrome includes a plugin for viewing PDF files, which is designed so that you can view PDF files faster. Unfortunately, the plugin is basic and lacks many useful features like pagination and bookmarks. It also prevents Castle’s editable PDF forms from being submitted online.

To get around this issue, you will need to turn the plugin off and use the standard Acrobat reader software to submit our forms.

To do so, type about:plugins into your browser bar, then look for the plugin called Chrome PDF viewer. Click on the Disable link.

After doing this, when you click on a PDF, it will be downloaded and open in Adobe for easy viewing, filling in and submitting to us.

If you have any other issues with the form, please let us know by calling 03 9898 6666. We’ll be happy to help.