What is the procedure for voluntary deregistration?

To voluntarily deregister a company, you must apply to ASIC. Approval is generally automatic.

ASIC batches up a large number of deregistration applications for publication in the Government Gazette. This can mean that the publication of the deregistered company’s name in the Gazette can take up to 2 months as ASIC waits for an acceptable number of companies.

The dissolution of the Company will be officially in effect 2 months after the company’s name is published in the Government Gazette.

Therefore, the total time it takes to deregister a company is normally about 5 months.

Companies no longer need to apply for deregistration to advertise their intention to deregister in a daily newspaper.

It is important to note that deregistering a company is no protection against possible creditor litigation. The Corporations Act permits an aggrieved creditor to sue a company without the need for its reinstatement.

To apply for voluntary deregistration, simply fill in our order form and submit it to us. We’ll be happy to help.

What is voluntary deregistration?