Shelf Company

What is a Shelf Company used for?

A shelf company used to be a very popular way to acquire a company prior to technological advances which were introduced in October 1998. As a new company can now be set up in very little time, shelf companies have become less popular.

Castle Corporate is one of the few businesses that still carries a stock of shelf companies.

When you purchase a shelf company, it ‘comes with’ its own name. You can change this name via standard company name change processes.

If you are interested in purchasing a shelf company, we would be happy to help. Please give us a call to discuss on 03 9898 6666.

Why go Premium?

Our Premium package includes a black soft leather feel folder with black sealed varnish reinforced tabs. It also includes 3 specially printed constitution or deeds. Clients love the modern designs that professionally house their important legal documents.

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