Reopening After Lockdown


With the easing of our most recent three month lockdown last Friday evening, our offices will be open from Wednesday 3 November.

We are relieved that some form of normality is now returning and are pleased to inform you that all our services will be back to normal.  All Castle team members will be working from our offices.


Now that lockdown has finished, our primary focus is to print out some 1000 standard and premium packages and arrange for their delivery to you.  To that end, we have listed four additional team members who will be working with us exclusively on that task

As you would appreciate, with so many files to be printed, copied, bound, and dispatched, and with the average time for that process taking 20-25 minutes, we anticipate that it will take some 3 weeks to dispatch all files.

We understand that you may have some work which must be delivered on an urgent basis.  If this applies, would you please send an email to let us know three things:- 

  1. which structures are urgent;  and
  2. when those structures need to be in your hands;  and
  3. what delivery address will apply. 

As in the past, all deliveries will be made by courier unless you specifically direct us otherwise, such as Express Post delivery or your collection from our office.

We appreciate your patience as we work to get these files to you as quickly as possible.