The New Face of Castle

After 21 years in the formation industry, we felt it was time to update a few things around Castle. Both on the surface and ‘under the hood’.

Our goal with these changes are to better serve you with improved technology and faster turnaround times. Importantly, we also wanted to updated our brand to better represent the company we are today.

And now we’re excited to introduce the new face (and engine) of Castle…

New Logo and Brand


We feel that our new logo is a perfect representation of the Castle Corporate of today. Modern lines and colours signify our focus on the future and our use of technology to improve our service to you, our clients.

The castle stands for our history and reputation – strength, solidity and longevity.

The two side of the castle represent our relationship with our clients – each an expert in our field, partnering together to deliver an excellent product to your clients.

New Packaging Folder-handover

Our Premium packages include a folder, slipcase and specially printed constitution or deed. Note that this means there will no longer be an option for folder housing (vertical holder or box with lid) when you order a Premium package.

We think your clients will like the new, modern designs that we have created to professionally house their legal documents.

New Website, Order Forms & Member Area

You can now quickly and easily manage all of your formation needs on our website. This new website and underlying software makes it easier and faster for you to place an order and find what you need, when you need it.

In addition, you can now use a credit card to pay at the time of placing your order.

One important thing to note is that your login and password from our old website will not work on the new one. To place an order on our new site, you will need to register here. We apologise for this inconvenience, but please note that it will only take a moment.

Registering on our new site will mean that when you do place an order, ordering will be faster and easier as the forms will populate your data into the forms.

A Few Teething Issues

The launch of our new website has brought to light a fair share of teething issues which were not apparent during testing. To those of you who have experienced problems registering with the site or placing an order with our new online order forms, please accept our apologies.

We’re working hard to fix these technical issues as quickly as possible. To avoid frustrating you, the online order forms have been temporarily removed from the website. You’ll be the first to know when they are working perfectly and available for use again.

In the meantime, we request that you use our interactive PDF forms which are available on the site.

What Do All of these Changes Mean for You?

  • New online forms that are easier to use and faster to fill in
  • A professional, modern product to hand over to your clients
  • Check your order status at any time via our Member Area
  • A mobile friendly site so you can place an order anywhere
  • A wealth of technical information at your fingertips in our new Support section
  • The ability to pay online at the time of placing your order