Why Shouldn’t I Register Directly with ASIC?

We are occasionally asked the question, “Why should I register a company with Castle, rather than directly with ASIC?”

To us, it’s obvious – we provide a better product for your client and better support for you. And our clients agree – see the end of the article for what they have to say about this.

But others may need more of an explanation

What ASIC provides – the bare essentials

When registering a company with ASIC, they provide you with a certificate of registration.

What Castle provides – the lot

When registering a company with Castle, we provide you with:

  • ASIC’s certificate of registration
  • All company registration documents, including:
    • Company Constitution
    • Minutes, consents & registers
    • Form 201
  • ‘What to do next’ guidelines

All of our documents are guaranteed to be current and up-to-date with the latest legislation. While many don’t think twice about the quality of the documentation they receive, our partner firm have seen documents that contain errors with the potential to pose a serious, and expensive, risk for clients. Therefore, good documentation is critical.

If you choose our Premium or Standard package, you also receive a professional folder for your printed paperwork, tabbed in useful sections and tagged where your clients need to sign.

Castle provides much more…

In addition to providing the best product possible, service is where we are really unique.


Every single order received at Castle Corporate is reviewed by one of our experienced team members. They check to ensure that the:

  • desired company name is available, and importantly, a name that won’t cause potential further issues for your client
  • address is recognised by Australia Post and won’t delay your client’s registration
  • names and details of officers and shareholders in the company are correct (where it is possible for us to check), and
  • company details are in accordance with ASIC’s requirements.

We proactively follow up any concerns we may have about the order with clients to ensure your orders are processed correctly and quickly.

We also support our clients by helping with any questions they may have regarding company formation. Because we are a full service provider, we can also assist clients with:

  • corporate secretarial services – making changes to companies after they are formed
  • trust, super fund and association formation
  • business names and other business services, and more

Our clients say it best

“What I most like about Castle Corporate is that I can 100% trust the service & products. If I put through an order, I know Castle will question anything that does not look right and will ensure the materials are produced correctly & will satisfy any requirements. Castle Corporate are my first point of call for any queries relating to incorporations.” ~ Rebecca Major, Rogerson Kenny

“I like the fact that I can call up and ask questions that are often fairly complex and the staff are more than happy to answer them. I have run numerous situations through the organisation and have appreciated their guidance.” 
~ Steve Johnson, TFG Tax Solutions

“Excellent quality customer service, telephone calls to quickly confirm order details are particularly good, confirmation emails of order details are great, service personnel are sharp and knowledgable and do their job well to ensure you get what you need. In times where quality customer service is often a second thought it is refreshing to deal with a company who truly understands the meaning.” ~ Anonymous

The difference between ASIC and Castle

In summary, ASIC and Castle Corporate provide two very different levels of service. ASIC will register a company, but Castle will provide you with the full suite of products and support that allow you to better serve your clients.