New Prices for 2021/2022

As you may know, ASIC is entitled to increase its fees each year in line with CPI and the cost of doing business with ASIC was published recently.  The principal ASIC fees which are of interest to you appear at … Continued

Clarification Regarding Australian Accounting Standards

We would like to clarify some things regarding our latest newsletter regarding the Australian Accounting Standards (AAS)   It is important to note that even if a constituting document specifically requires the financial statements to be drawn in accordance with … Continued

Launching a New Service – Faster, Better Priced

We are delighted to announce the launch of Castle Express Services, a new business in the Castle business group, that currently offers a fast and better priced company registration service, with more offerings to be added in the coming months.   … Continued

Lockdown Procedures

The impending lockdown is absolutely essential to suppress or, hopefully, eliminate the presence of Covid-19 in our community.  Whilst many of us will not be looking forward to the lockdown period and its impact on our financial situation, we should … Continued