Want the same company and business name?

If you want to register a new company with the same name as your business name, it is important to note that the business name must be owned by a director or shareholder of the new company. Importantly, if the … Continued

Common seals no longer included

As they have not been a requirement since 1998, fewer people have been ordering common seals. By not ordering a seal, your clients benefit from a lower price to form their companies, faster delivery of their orders and not having to monitor the whereabouts … Continued

ACNs have jumped to 600!

We thought we would bring it to your attention that, for reasons unbeknownst to us, the leading three digits in ACNs have jumped from 169 to 600. So don’t worry, there’s no error in your ACN. It’s just ASIC trying … Continued

Information on the Execution of Documents

We are often asked questions about the formal execution of documents by a company. The rules for this are found in both the Corporations Act and the constitution for each company. Section 127 of the Corporations Act basically states that … Continued