Sale of Castle Businesses
A couple of weeks ago, you received a newsletter to let you know that Castle Corporate was being sold to Sequoia Financial Group Limited on Monday, 31st July.
However, the end of the financial year and the start of the new one has been a busy time for both us and Sequoia.  Both of us have prioritised the service we give to clients over ironing out the last few details of the sale. As a result, the sale of Castle Corporate has not been finalised, but we are expecting this to happen in the next few weeks. When the sale does occur, we will inform you and provide you with more information about the improved systems that Sequoia has to offer.
The earlier newsletter can be sourced by clicking here.
Software Glitch Resolved
The software glitch which arose recently was resolved within 24 hours.  We are fully operational again and apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced.