We are writing to let you know that, effective from Monday, 31st July, Castle Corporate will be sold to Sequoia Financial Group Limited, a company listed on the ASX.
The integration of Castle and Sequoia will enable you to reap the many benefits of dealing with a large business whose technology strengths will save you time and money, yet you will also be dealing with everyone at Castle, enabling you to continue to receive in the future the support and guidance you have received in the past.
For a number of years, Sequoia has been operating a number of businesses in the same space as Castle through their existing brands:  Docscentre (which previously traded as Interprac), Docscentre Legal (previous known as Topdocs Legal), Constitute (a business name owned by Docscentre), NTAA Corporate and Panthercorp.  Castle will be its newest brand.  The Sequoia team who work in this space have extensive experience in the industry and are well versed with all types of business structures and the ancillary issues which you like to run past us.
Castle has strength in terms of its technical and legal know-how and providing you with solutions to a wide range of business scenarios.  What you’ll notice as from 31st July is Sequoia’s excellent technology which you will love using.
When you form a new business structure with Sequoia, you’ll find their system is very easy to use and much faster than Castle’s.  As a listed company, Sequoia has a higher level of security to protect the data you give us – yet another improvement.  In addition, you will find that:-

  • if you order an ABN, it will be provided with your new company/trust at no additional cost and in the same timeframe;
  • your data will integrate with:-
    • major accounting packages such as Xero and, before long, with MYOB;
    • Government bodies such as ASIC, the ATO and Australia Post;  and
    • other relevant software suppliers such as BGL and Secured Signing – and soon with Class.

You may like to consider having your documents white-labelled, so your business will be able to provide its own branded documents to your clients.  The superior technology available from Sequoia will deliver significant benefits to you in terms of your time, costs and your standing with clients.
The entire Castle team will be engaged by Sequoia.  We love working with you and the change in ownership will not upset that arrangement.  You’ll be able to contact all of us using the same telephone numbers and email addresses.  All of the work we have done for you will also be transferred to give you permanent access to your documents.
The value in a business such as Castle is created through the support of clients like you.  Accordingly, we will continue to work hard to ensure that Sequoia and Castle jointly recognise and embrace the provision of the high level support and assistance that you have obtained from the Castle team in the past.
Sequoia recognises that the price they are paying includes a premium for the goodwill that has been created through the great relationships we have with each of our clients, and so they are keen to ensure that they protect that value by working hard to keep you happy.
Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more information on what this change will mean for you.  Please keep an eye out for those announcements and feel free to call or email us at any time – as always.