Starting Today: A New and Improved Castle

Changes to our packages, prices and payment terms are now live

We’re excited to say that all of the changes we’ve been talking about for the last month are now in effect.

We’ve simplified our product packages from four to three.

We’ve changed our payment terms.

We’ve reduced many of our fees (something you don’t hear very often these days!).

Our goal with all of these changes is to improve the service you receive from Castle so that we can serve you better. You still get the expertise and personal touch that we are known for, but now you get a simpler product range, for a better price, faster.

So what’s new?

The links in the bullets above will take you to articles that detail exactly what changes we have made and why. But if you want to quickly access our new information, here are some quick links:

• New price list – download it from our Fees page

• New payment terms

• As we have simplified our packages, we no longer require our package comparisons. These will no longer be available on our website. Instead, you can see a description of what’s in each package either on a product page or on each of our Fees pages..

• New order forms – please refer to the next section for details

Order forms

All order forms (both online and PDF) on our website have been updated with the new packages and payment terms. Our old forms are now obsolete.

A friendly reminder about what you need to do if you wish to pay the lower price in 14 days

Our payment terms have now changed. You have two options for payment:

  • a standard price if you either:
    • pay at the time of order (via credit card, direct deposit or cheque), or
    • authorise us to deduct payment 14 days following your order from a credit card that we securely keep on file
  • pay within 30 days for an additional $66 per product ordered

Importantly, if you would like to lock in the lower standard price, but do not wish to pay at the time of order, you will need to fill in our Enduring Credit Card Authorisation form. See our previous article for full details.

Any questions

If you have any questions about our changes, we’ll be happy to help. We also welcome your feedback. Call us on 03 9898 6666 or send us an email.