New Product Packages and Fees

From 2 December 2013 – A simpler product range, better priced

Over the coming months and into 2014 we’ll be rolling out some changes that aim to deliver to you a simpler product range at a lower price with faster turnaround.

Three weeks ago we told you about changes to our payment terms. This week, we wanted to fill you in on our new packages and fees that will come into effect on Monday, 2 December.

Over the years, we’ve received feedback that our packages were quite complicated. With four package options and different package contents for each product, it was difficult to know what came in each package. After reviewing survey feedback, speaking to clients and analysing what aspects of our packages are most valued, from 2 December we will be simplifying from four packages down to three.

In addition, we took a close look at our pricing. Our overall goal is to deliver packages that are of better value to you…at a lower price, wherever possible. We are therefore delighted to say that many of our packages have dropped in price from their comparable old package. Here are some examples:

• Our Deluxe company currently costs $741. In our new package, a Premium company will cost $730.
• Our current Economy standard unit trust costs $253. From 2 December, a Paper unit trust will cost $198.

Visit our Fees pages to see a full breakdown of all our fees.

New inclusions with our super fund packages

We’re also excited to say that our super fund packages will be more complete. Previously, a rollover letter, investment strategy and product disclosure statement were all optional extras, and came at an additional cost in all packages other than Deluxe. From 2 December, all three items will be supplied and included in the price of all SMSF packages.

All changes will be live on 2 December

Our order forms and price lists will reflect these new packages from Monday, 2 December 2013. From this point forward, our old packages (Deluxe, Economy, Reduced and Green) will no longer be available. In addition, our old fees will no longer be effective.

A reminder about changes to our payment terms

As of 2 December, our payment terms will be changing. We will be reducing from three payment options down to two:

  • a standard price if you either:
    • pay at the time of order, or
    • authorise us to deduct payment 14 days following your order from an enduring credit card authorisation that we securely keep on file
  • pay within 30 days for an additional $66 per product ordered.

Importantly, if you would like to lock in the lower standard price, but do not wish to pay at the time of order, you will need to provide an Enduring Credit Card Authorisation form. See our previous article for full details.


If you have any questions on these changes, we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 03 9898 6666 or send us an email.