Why the human touch can make all the difference

At Castle, we’re one of the few firms left in the industry where our experienced staff manually review every order. Yet we still turn around orders within 24 hours! Some people ask why we do it, when we have the … Continued

Castle’s difference: Stamping of deeds included

Did you know that when you purchase a discretionary trust or unit trust from Castle, we provide a complimentary stamping service? For many years, Castle has been given authority from the State Revenue Office of Victoria to stamp deeds in-house. … Continued

Why Shouldn’t I Register Directly with ASIC?

We are occasionally asked the question, “Why should I register a company with Castle, rather than directly with ASIC?” To us, it’s obvious – we provide a better product for your client and better support for you. And our clients … Continued

Not All Providers are Made the Same

Here at Castle, we pride ourselves on partnering with you to get it right and delivering excellent products that suit your needs. Unfortunately, not all corporate service providers are the same. Over the past few years, many documents have come … Continued